The river`s retreat

A Kayaker embarks on an expedition down a wild river following an explorer’s old navigation charts. In the course of his journey, he discovers a tributary that defies all logic and decides to follow it, despite the dangers that lie ahead. The river will take you on an introspective journey through the Bermejo basin, where you will have to face your past and present, and discover what you want for your future.

Documentary feature film. Color. 61 min.

Dir. Renán Aparicio
Prod. Soledad San Julián

Co-production Senderos Films/ Auca Cine
INCAA support
INCAA Incubator Program Winner

Labs and festivals
I DocuLab- Las Alturas International Film Festival
Official Documentary Selection – Las Alturas International Film Festival
Official Selection Lane Doc Fest in Tenesse, EEUU

Senderos Films, a leading producing company in the northern of Argentina
specialized in local production services since 2011.
The company produces creative documentaries.

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