In the Bolivian Amazon, a woman undertakes the arduous task of rescuing the baroque music scores granted by the Jesuits at risk of disappearing and in turn recovering the melodies of oral tradition. Raquel must now take on a new mission: to grant other possible futures to Moxeña women through the teaching of music.

Documentary feature film. Color. 80 minutes
Dir. Soledad San Julián-Marilina Calós

Executive production Argentina Soledad San Julián
Executive production Portugal Fernando Centeio
Executive production Brazil Gustavo Nieto Noa

In co-production with Centauro (Brazil) and Zurfilmes (Portugal)
Countries: Argentina- Brazil-Portugal
INCAA Support Unpublished Documentary Development

Winner Library Music Woman Screener MAFF- MAFIZ Málaga

DocuLab Las Alturas International Film Festival, Jujuy, Arg.
BoliviaLab, MendozaFilmLab, Conecta Chile Market , Ventana Sur Market,
MAFF- MAFIZ Málaga, Sapcine FICCALI Colombia.

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